Sometime Show

Los Angeles, CA 2015 – Webseries – Director John Base

After 6 years in the Heeton’s Glasses vault, “SOME TIME with John Base” is now available for the first time!

It may come up short in music/graphics/sound effects/color correcting/de-interlaced video/adequately edited scenes, but it more than makes up for it IN LAUGHS!

This video is a testament to the individuals involved in it’s production. Although unfortunate circumstances left it incomplete, we can now take solace in the fact that there is a version available in perpetuity to remind us all of a time when we had more hair.

For Daniel

Laguna Beach, CA 2015 – Short film – Director Michael Aronson

For my friend Daniel who is battling cancer.

Los Angeles, CA 2014 – Acting Reel from several projects

“Vista Point” from director Jason Thomas Scott
“Retroviral Warrior” from director Loren Gilley
“Callejero” from director Ray Gallardo

Retroviral Warrior

Los Angeles,  CA 2011 – Monologue – Director Loren Gilley

Based on the poem “H-I-Me” by Brandon Lacy Campos
Produced, Directed, and Edited by: Loren Gilley
With: Virginia Trask

The Qeerburgs

Los Angeles, CA 2010 – Webseries – Director Michael Hennessey

I play Sonny Queerburg and you get to follow his coming out as Straight in the town of West Homoville where  everyone is Gay.


Los Angeles, CA 2010 – 48 Hour Film Festival – Director Shain Gillette

My character is Freddie, the snitch.

Rent A Car

Houston, TX 2010 – Feature Film – Directors Marcus Jones and Lakisha R Lemons

 I play the leader of a Latin gang. 

Southland Optician Commercial

Los Angeles, CA 2009 – Director Robert Benhoff

I don’t think they are in business anymore… So here is the blooper reel!

Southland Optician Commercial – Bloopers!!!

Improv Game – 7 Minutes

Sherman Oaks, CA 2009 – Stages of LA Connection Comedy Group

A 7 minute game where anything goes… And it did!!!


Los Angeles, CA 2009 – Director Rich Ramsey

The tale of an actor making money by performing as ‘Burney the Dinosaur”.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Los Angeles, CA 2009 – Director Felix A Jimenez Jr

Documentary about Gays and Homophobia

Operation Repo: Matt Throws a Guy in the Trash

Los Angeles 2009 – Operation Repo

My character is the restaurant manager,  way too calm of a guy.

Fandemonium – Latino Grammy Speach

Houston, TX 2009 – SiTV

5 contestants fighting for a spot on the Green Carpet at the Latin Grammy’s… I came in 4th place.

The Forwarders

Houston, TX 2008 – Del Monte Films

My character is Martin a member of an E-mail Forwarder Anonymous Group… I had so much fun on that set.

The Puppetmaster

Houston, TX 2008 –  Del Monte Films

This was so last minute and one of the actors didn’t show up, so I had extra lines and ended up playing a Gay guy!

Cadabra Ave.

Houston, TX 2008 – Dir Layi Babalola

Houston  2008 – 48 Hour Film Festival

My character was Hector Alvarado, part of a production team creating a children television show.

Monster Energy Commercial

Houston, TX 2008 – Director Caitlin Taylor

Some of my early acting gigs, I got paid in a Taco Bell dinner.