Working with Oracle Cards I’m able to deliver messages to my clients. 

I have a Level II Reiki Healer title. 

To schedule a session email: danielggarza@hotmail.com

subject: Energy Work

or call: 949-715-4838 and leave a message

Below are some reviews on my work:

This review is for Daniel Garza for his Reiki II level and oracle cards.

Daniel came over Thursday night April 27 2016 to perform a Reiki session on my wife and myself. I must be honest and say I was a bit skeptical at first. But we gave it a go.

Daniel came over with his cheery personality. He explained what he was going to do and what he needed from us. Daniel had to deal with my large dogs as well. We set up the room to make it more acceptable.

I then sat in my chair and Daniel proceeded to do his Reiki. Without me saying a word Daniel assessed my body and my Chakras. He then was writing down notes on each of my Chakra areas. He then told me interesting things about my injuries or he felt pain in his left side when I never told him all of my injuries to my left shoulder, my left knee, left hamstring, and my left wrist with my cyst.

So I must say I was surprised and shocked by the fact he felt that. I really don’t discuss my injuries with many people. Then we just discussed my different issues with my 3rd, 5th and 7th Chakras.

We then worked on the cards after. Now the amazing things were I pulled the same card 3 different times from 3 different decks. That has to be some kind of ridiculous odds. And on top of that the same 4-5 cards in 2-3 decks.

My wife was extremely impressed with Daniel as well. I even had Daniel again come over today to work with another friend which he pointed out things she only told us about.

Overall my wife and I would have Daniel over every week if he wanted to. Thank you so much Daniel for being who you are. I hope this recommendation/review helps with your master level.

Thank you,

David T.

Daniel thanks for the reading….. you definitely hit it right on point. You said their was some type of paperwork I needed to get sign. That you saw cops some type of I guess Authority. Which makes sense because two days before I was informed by my attorney I needed to get this document signed when a certain individual so we could presented to the court and of course that’s where you find a police. You also mention that there had been a woman a relationship that have ended which is also true. That I have been keeping my heart by myself at a distance from certain individuals which is also true.
That I have also been more more careful in my decision making another word thinking about it too much overthinking it and not making a decision. Which is true I usually just do when I want to do and need to do without thinking about it I just do it.
My last card was the angel of balance. Not for one moment have I thought that I was out of balance but they think that there were some things that kept me from moving forward.
Reiki session where I was sitting and you place your palms through throughout different parts of my body I felt great amount of heat both times that you place your palms On My Feet. But when you place your palms on the other parts on my body such as my abdomen shoulders and head I didn’t feel that heat as far as temperature wise it felt normal. Definitely the second time you place your palms On My Feet the heat was greater.
Once the session was over you did say that you felt when you that I had pain pain on my knee you said my left knee and you were absolutely right. The pain on my knee is just about constant and every time I bend my knee and make it like a cracking noise that’s it we’re not aligned properly but I notice almost immediately when I bend my knee I didn’t feel a thing. Not that I had pain and now that I had pain and I was going it was going not at all I didn’t have pain to begin with that day but after the session cracking noise if that makes sense was gone. And now two days later it’s almost back to normal in other words the pain is back. Felt nice but I think I’m weird to have that pain and uncomfort of my knee gone for about 3 days

Claudio B.

Daniel set a relaxing tone with music and instructions about what to expect. His calm and confident presence helped me be open to the work he was doing. His hands on touch was calming and safe. When he explained the scan his accuracy was spot on in every category. My left shoulder has a bicep tendon pull. I am anxious. I battle taking action in my life to combat the feeling I can’t. He nailed all of that and I am and will come back for more treatments with him.

Mark J.

Daniel was very professional during our session. He carries a type of charisma not everyone possesses. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. We began our session with a card read. I have never ever received one before because I was largely always skeptical about it but I assure you Daniel has changed my mind regarding that. I chose the number as instructed and watched my life pretty much unfold before me. My current life choices like, to go further in getting training at work, going back to school, start a family, move back east, save more money; those pathways and fears were starring back at me on 9 simply laid out organized cards. Daniel was spot on reading my cards. It was as he was telling my story through a type of osmosis using his energy and mine which I find fascinating. Excellent job truly. Secondly, we moved forward he performed Reiki focusing on my feet to keep me grounded. He used an an analogy that I was instructed to think of that actually made my feet feel lighter as I was sitting there. As he continues to move up my Chakras we get to my throat. Once again, he is correct with our post session discussion about me needing to “share” more. I have a direct connection with that in my personal life and brought recognition to it for me.
Overall, You want to feel a positive energy/connection to the person you are seeking out whether it’s for Reiki or a card read and Daniel displays a non verbal array of strong positive energy all around him. I would highly recommend his talent to my friends and family. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to receive this session from him.
Take care,
Jennifer T.