From Abnormal Entertainment come three shows.

De Abnormal Entertainment vienen tres programas.


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A show about; Sexuality, Health Issues, Recovery, and Spirituality.

Listen to the journey folks have taken, the lessons, the bruises, the victories.

New shows every Wednesday.

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Donde hablamos de: Sexualidad, Salud, Alcoholismo, Drogadiccion, y Temas Espirituales.

Escuchen el camino de la gente, las lecciones, las caídas, y las victorias.

Programas nuevos cada miércoles.


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A show about; HIV, AIDS, Infected and Affected Folks.

Deconstructing the information and making it relevant for the new generation.

New shows every Friday.


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Laguna Beach Spiritual Growth Section

I write about life… All of it!

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