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Archive for August, 2011

Someone To Hug…

There is something about a hug that makes everything feel better and there is a hug and then there is a HUG. You hug a friend, your dog, your pillow. You hug your mom and dad, your brothers and sisters. Hug the aunt you don’t see often and then you hug your grandma.

But when your heart is sad and a tear is lingering in your eye there is only the hug from that special someone that makes it feel all okay. There is the heart that comes with a long passionate kiss that melts the pain away and lets you see the light at the end of the tunnel brighter.

Its the hug from that person that makes a celebration much happier and a birthday wish come true. It makes a promotion seem like the Nobel prize and winning lottery ticket like being assigned to the presidency. Take-out like a gourmet meal prepared by four star chef.

Its that hug that feels your body with warmth and makes your head spin, your knees weak and your toes tingle. Your heart skip a beat and your ears ring. That hug that makes your arms longer, long enough to wrap yourself and that special person two times over.

Its the hug that keeps you from collapsing from pain and holds you up to take on the challenge of the next day. The hug that seems to squeeze all the tears from your body and drains the pain from your soul. The hug that burns when its saying good bye.

The good-bye hug that says I don’t love you anymore or the can we just be friends hug. The I wish I could give you more hug or this just isn’t enough for me hug. The if only you were available hug or if I were single hug. That hug that feels so right and so wrong.

Whichever hug you get sometimes its just nice to be able to have someone to hug.

Happily Ever After…

I think by now it’s no secret that I am on the constant search for a stable, monogamous, exclusive relationship. I still believe it exists and I know that it’s out there waiting for me. I know it is because I see so many friends in one and I’m sure there is one just the right size for me.

I’ve given descriptions of what I want in a partner but maybe I haven’t said what I enjoy so much about being in a relationship. Maybe you or someone you know likes these things too and we can be a perfect match or as perfect as possible. I really don’t think they are unrealistic.

Disclaimer should be that I am a romantic at heart and I do imagine there being love and harmony in my home all the time. I am also a realist and know that at times we may get on each other’s nerves an need some space. And I know that there will be the times in between.

I miss coming home from a long day of work and have someone to talk about it. Share a lemonade in the patio and let the day just melt away while we tell each other the adventures of the day. Be it lunch with the guys or that horrible coworker that smells like tuna.

Who ever has a turn at cooking will make dinner, no need to ask what do you want because we know each other and we know the other will eat it. Even though I want to make Chicken Casserole again and you’ll eat it because you love it even though you wanted Enchiladas.

Sitting down to watch TV and just hitting anything on the DVR because we like some of the same shows and tolerate the others we don’t. I mean really how many marathons of Hoarders can a person watch? But you’ll sit there and let me cry with another melodrama.

The kitchen is clean and the dishwasher is running and we head to bed, brush your teeth and then I go to the bathroom and off to bed we go. We know each others side, set the alarm a good night kiss full of passion and maybe some nookie. Is it time or are we just gonna snuggle?

Wake up in the morning to coffee brewing, you remembered to set the timer. The day starts again as we head out to another day of work. All along looking forward to the end of the day when I get to come home to you. When I get to hug the person that is sharing my life.

Sounds  a little too good? Maybe. Real or fantasy? Either or both. I want it all, I want the fantasy. I want my happily ever after…

A Steady Man…

I really became an Oprah fan in the last season more so because I was able to watch the behind the scenes show. How ideas came to be, how the shows came to be, how the woman came to be. For any aspiring host, writer, motivator she is the queen, you have to give her credit for reaching millions of folks, just what I want.

But along with what I learned about putting on a show I learned what to put on as a human. How she handled herself the energy she put out and how it was received by folks. That is what I really want, that is the kind of energy I want to put out. I want to be an Oprah.

I’m guessing there is room for a Male/Hispanic/Oprah… Right?

Well in one of those segments I saw her talk about Steadman, her boyfriend. She said how his name was such a representation of him. Steadman – Steady Man. That got me to thinking about my relationships and what I wanted in my life and I realized I wanted my own Steadman.

Well actually I want to be and have a Steady Man. Someone that I can turn to when I need and that I am comfortable being there for him when he needs me. Someone who feels just as comfortable as I do in sharing our feelings. Someone who doesn’t run when things get serious.

So I will be adding that in my dating profile. I want a Steady Man…