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Archive for the ‘Home’ Category

Vacation Stress…

My trips to see my family usually start the same way; I go on a 2 week long agonizing stress diet. All I do is stress over what’s going to happen and what people are going to say. I stress over the trip, the flight, the whole thing!

I write monologues: because I’m such a psychic and I know exactly what everyone is going to say that I have the whole trip scripted. Everyone should get a copy by the time I get there and be ready to reply to my lines.

I have entrance and exit cues: because I have people that I want to see and have time limits. You can only take some folks for so long and others you want to see as much as you can. Plus they should have their schedule cleared for my visit.

Food; I have favorite foods that you can only enjoy in South Texas and I expect everyone to have kept themselves from those places so that they will want to eat there with as much excitement as I have. Starve for a year if you have to.

If possible get in touch with my friends back home and get updated on the latest inside jokes so that when I make a comment you will laugh at just the right time (please refer to the above paragraph and get your script).

Get caught up on what’s going on in my life so that I don’t have to tell you long stories and bore you with the details. Because if you know me, I remember all the details, you are my Facebook friend you should stay in touch!

Of course this is more of a wish list than actually happens on my trips. Things never turn out exactly the way I want them to. Folks just don’t follow the rules. But I’m glad that they don’t because they always turn out better.

My life is so full of surprises and my family is part of that. They teach me so many new things, they have interesting new things that weren’t there last year, and they treat me like time hasn’t passed, like I never left.

There is something magical in my mother’s eyes, in my father’s voice, in the laughter and the tears. The aroma of my sister’s cooking and the even the soap she washes her sheets in. I swear I even miss the cigarette smell.

But now I can share special moment with my nephews as adults. Now I can tell them about my dreams and goals. Now they don’t want to be cowboys and ballerinas they have real jobs and even children, careers and lives.

So now that the trip home is coming up and I get ready to say good bye I’m glad things didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I’m glad I get surprised cause it makes me excited for next year. I’ll still get stressed before the trip.


Pieces of the Puzzle…

I was talking to my sister of all places on Facebook. What is it about chatting on-line, about being anonymous that allows you to ask and answer anything? We had one of the most intimate, honest conversations that we’ve ever had.

I just turned 40 and for the first time I feel like she was talking to me like an adult. Like I was part of the family, not that I ever felt not part but I finally understood my place in the dynamic of our little world. Because isn’t each family a little world?

Just like our planet Earth it revolves around the Sun so does a family revolve around other families. Those families made up of other folks and we all have to work together, we gravitate towards each other, we co-exist.

Our stories intertwine and we lose track of where one ends and the other starts. And suddenly our little world is invaded by others. Sometimes not welcome. We come to a fork in the road, a moment to decide how we are going to react to the new information.

Sometimes the information comes to you and it makes thing fall into place. Kinda like when you buy a puzzle with a picture of a pony and puppies on the box and you start to put it together and it doesn’t look right. Then you realize that there are kittens and rainbows in the puzzle and now it all makes sense.

The puzzle is all of it; puppies, ponies, kittens, and rainbows!!!


Harold the Mirror…

It’s a new moon tonight and I’ve got all my things ready for a Spiritual cleaning. Although I clear my home with Sage often tonight I get to walk every corner and pray through my home. My Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides walk with me and together we eliminate bad energy.

I got a new mirror for my dinning room today. My neighbor took my an old painting that was hanging there one that I never liked and gave me the mirror. More like a loaner, you see it has belonged to several folks that have lived in my complex. I’m not sure but I think they all passed away and it was passed along.

So if I die blame it on the mirror.

I’m thinking what a day it picked to come into my house. Have you ever wondered if we pick objects or objects pick us? How does a certain item come into our home and everyone that sees it says, “That is so you”. Maybe as we walk along the store the items are looking at us an choosing who to go home with… Huh?

How about an object that has had different owners and has collected all kinds of energy. Is it looking around wondering “Where should I go next?” Then it lands in your home and starts to connect with all the other energy in your home and well… Things can go either way.

I’m excited to see what energy is attached to this mirror. I feel inclined to name it. It’s a male mirror. Very strong and powerful. Like a shadow box with little shelves to hold things. Like a mind holding memories. Harold the Mirror. Sounds like a good solid name.

Well make sure that you do your house cleaning tonight. Get into every corner and every opening in the bathroom and kitchen. Ask for fortune, abundance, love, health, peace, and some nookie if you need it. Ask it to take away pain, anger, resentment, fear, and a dead relationship if you are in one.

Let the New Moon fill your home and your heart and thank you all the objects in your home for choosing you to live with. I’m gonna go clean Harold.