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Archive for the ‘Work’ Category

Just Don’t Know Day…

Just for fun I multiplied my age 40 times 365 days in a year and came up with 14,600 so that’s how many days I’ve been alive, give or take a couple of months. Okay so if I round it out to 41 that is 14,965 days I will be alive on my next birthday. That’s not all I was thinking.

I wondered if I met one person a day that would be 14,965 people.  Then I was looking at my Facebook page and saw that I have 1,944 friends add that up and its 16,909 people . So safe to say that among all those friends there is someone that fills in a void that the other can’t.

Okay, I’ll agree I don’t know them all personally but I probably have at least one degree of separation.  I’m sure one of my friends is really close to Bob Eubanks and one day we’ll meet for coffee and a cookie and talk about the weather and where we are going on vacation next year… We can!

Really what this post is about how folks come into your life for what you think is one reason and the surprise is that that they bring a whole wheel barrel of gifts with them. I met a lady at the grocery store line who has connections that came lift my career to a new level.

I met a guy on-line thinking he was just another pretty face and actually has offered to help me in any way possible. I just wanted a coffee date and he offered more than dessert. Just never know till you tell folks what your are up to. It’s no secret that I want my short film to succeed.

So I’ll put it here in case anyone is interested. I have a short film that I’m raising funds for. For lights, food, equipment. Anything that will make this film better than it could be. I wrote it and am acting in it, so if you know my work this will be a reflection of me.

If you like my writing this short film will follow my style and if you know my life story this will have some of it in it. I cried the last time I read it and I wrote it… So there you go. Today is one of those “You just don’t know” days…

“Just Show Up” – A short film … 

I’m Okay…

So I have been envisioning writing my first good script and seeing it on the big screen. So I got to writing and did it… Finally got it right or as close to it as I thought. My director friend likes it and here we go!!!

Now I am scared and feeling the pressure… This is bigger than anything I think I’ve ever done in my career… Yep, this is bigger…

I know God-Universe will be there next to me all the way and as long as I think Positive I will be okay…

But thinking Positive is hard when there are so many things to think about. ‘

This is short mainly just to vent my frustration…. Okay it’s out… I’m okay!!!

Yep, that the thing to remember, I’m okay!!!

Living My Dream…

There comes a point when your dreams start to come to life. When all that you have worked for, be it a couple of months or a couple of years. A small dream or something to take over the world. Expensive or free a dream is a dream and when it starts to materialize you think you are still dreaming.

Sounds complicated and a little scary but that is where I am now. I feel like I can touch the sky but at the same time like I’m going to fall hard. I want to cry and laugh all at the same time, run and jump or sit and hide… Does that even make sense? Dreams are supposed to be just that… Dreams.

When you have lived most of your life with X’s marking all the bad things that could happen in a person’s life seeing the √ on the good side of the check list seem like a mistake… But it’s not a mistake you deserve and have earned all the good things that are coming your way.

I have earned all the good things that come my way… I am living my dream!!!

Do As Much As I Can…

I have this vision that God has our names on sand clocks. Each one with a different amount of sand. All of them falling and counting down our time on Earth. When all the sand is gone we pass away. Our death may be peaceful and long or dramatic and fast.

For some time now I feel like I’ve run out of sand but somehow no one has noticed. Which of course is silly because God knows everything. Or maybe my Guardian Angel has some pull in Heaven and got me some extra time to do… Well, I don’t know what but do something.

Am I the only one that thinks that? It can be… I know for sure that more than one person in the world has the same idea. Surely you must ponder on how the God, The Universe, Allah, Buddha, or whomever you pray to determines who lives longer and who dies.

Why does this come up as a topic today, well, because I had this urgency to see as many people as I could and make it home in time to beat traffic. I got to see 5 people without thinking. I noticed more folks that I know. Made it past the traffic just before rush hour.

I don’t know what one thing has to do with another, but I just feel like the sand is running  out, if it hasn’t yet and I need to get things done. If something should happen to me at least you know that I am ready. If it turns out that it’s just indigestion, well forget this post.

I just know that 2011 has so much promise, I owe my self the opportunity to do as much as I can!!!

Curtain Down…

Okay, so first, am I the only blogger that gets the urge to do it when I’m sad? I get more stimulation this way than when I’m really happy. Does that happen to anyone else? So I’m a little sad, you can gather that because I’m writing. You want me to share, of course that’s why you are still reading.

Well, the play I have been rehearsing for since like September, was postponed/canceled. Why? Well, very unprofessional actors. We were able to gather about five that I counted that would commit to the project then not come back after one rehearsal.

I know what you are thinking, ‘Where did we find these folks?’, that’s what I”m thinking. The discount basket at the local market. Or the Hollywood ‘Lost & Found’. So maybe I’m just complaining and I’ll make today’s post short. Who wants to hear me complain?

One door closes another opens… This will leave me more room to do other things… I know…

So I will keep you informed of what happens. For now it’s curtain down on this project!